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What causes panic attacks?

Updated: Feb 23

Common Triggers for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, intense bouts of fear and anxiety, can be triggered by various factors:

**1. Stress: High stress levels, whether from work or personal life, can contribute to panic attacks.

**2. Anxiety Disorders: Individuals with anxiety disorders are more prone to panic attacks.

**3. Trauma: Past traumatic experiences can lead to panic attacks.

**4. Genetics: A family history of anxiety or panic disorders may increase the risk.

**5. Substances: Excessive caffeine, stimulants, or substance abuse can trigger attacks.

**6. Medical Conditions: Some illnesses mimic panic attack symptoms.

**7. Phobias: Specific fears, like enclosed spaces or heights, can induce panic.

**8. Medications: Certain drugs can have panic attacks as a side effect.

Understanding these triggers can aid in managing and preventing panic attacks for a better quality of life.

What causes panic attacks?

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