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Hypnotherapy in Chigwell - Woodford Green

Unleash Your Potential

At BestofMeNLP clinic, Woodford Green, we understand that every individual's journey to wellbeing is unique. Our Hypnotherapy sessions, guided by the experienced Raina Kalhan, offer a personalised approach to help you navigate challenges and embrace positive change.

Welcome to BestofmeNLP 

Unlock Transformation Through Hypnotherapy at BestofMeNLP

Welcome to a realm where the power of your mind meets the expertise of Raina Kalhan, a certified and UK-registered Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy, a therapeutic technique harnessing hypnosis, serves as your gateway to a relaxed state, paving the way for positive suggestions and transformative behavioral changes. In this journey, we explore the naturally occurring trance state, similar to the immersive experience of a captivating book or the focus of "highway hypnosis."

Journey to Wholeness

Discover the potential of hypnotherapy to address a spectrum of conditions— from anxiety, panic attacks and stress to phobias, insomnia, and habits like nail biting and hair pulling. This therapeutic approach extends to weight management, smoking cessation, pain management, and the profound healing of emotional trauma, including PTSD.

Embark on a transformative journey where your mind's capacity for change aligns seamlessly with Raina Kalhan's expertise. At BestofMeNLP Essex, we invite you to experience the synergy of your inner strength and professional guidance, charting a course toward holistic well-being.

Flexibility in Your Healing

At BestofMeNLP, we recognise the diversity of life's demands and individual preferences. Whether you choose the tranquility of our clinic in Chigwell - Essex or the convenience of online sessions, your healing journey unfolds according to your needs.

Safety and Expertise

Rest assured, Hypnotherapy at BestofMeNLP is in the capable hands of UK Registered Hypnotherapist Raina Kalhan, equipped with a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the UK. Your safety is our priority and Raina's professional qualifications ensure the application of appropriate techniques tailored to your needs.


Raina Kalhan is not only a clinical hypnotherapist but also a Master NLP Practitioner, Timeline therapist and a life coach. She combines all strategies ensuring a holistic and effective treatment for the condition that you seek help with. 


What does NHS say about Hypnotherapy?

Check out the NHS link on hypnotherapy:

Mind Beauty Clinic - Woodford Green


Hypnotherapy in Essex
Hypnotherapy in Essex
Hypnotherapy in Essex

In collaboration with Time Aesthetics Clinic by Dr. Bawa, our Mind Beauty Clinic is dedicated to fostering body confidence and revealing true inner beauty. Nestled at the Telecoms House, Woodford Green, IG8 0HL, our clinic offers convenience with on-site parking and easy access, just a seven-minute stroll from the nearest bus stop.

Our Mission: Body Confidence in the Modern World In today's fast-paced world, the struggle for body confidence is pervasive. We understand the challenges, and our joint efforts with Time Aesthetics Clinic aim to address this significant issue. Together, we work tirelessly to empower individuals to find and embrace their true inner beauty.

A Sanctuary for Transformation Step into our clinic, where expertise meets compassion, creating a sanctuary for transformation. Raina Kalhan utilise a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy and Life Coaching to guide you towards genuine self-discovery and confidence.

Special Offer: 10% Off for Time Clinic Patients As a token of appreciation, we extend a special offer to all patients of Time Aesthetics Clinic — enjoy a 10% discount on our services. It's our way of supporting you on your journey to enhanced well-being and self-assurance.

Our partnership with Time Aesthetics Clinic represents the synergy of expertise, blending medical aesthetics with mental wellbeing solutions. Together, we aspire to create a holistic approach to beauty — one that encompasses both the physical and the mental.

Embark on a transformative journey with us. Rediscover your confidence, embrace your authentic self and unlock the true beauty within.

Hypnotherapy in Essex

Raina Kalhan

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