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Hypnosis reviews

Discover stories of transformation and success of hypnotherapy at Bestofmenlp, UK. Hear firsthand experiences of how our hypnotherapy service has made a positive impact. Real people, real results: hypnosis reviews.

Limiting Beliefs

I was recently going through a really hard time where I constantly doubted myself and let my emotions get the best of me. I then started my sessions with Raina, and immediately after the first session I could already feel a difference in myself - I felt a lot more calm + controlled. It was even noticeable to the rest of my family.

Raina created a safe space for me and for once in a very very long time I felt I could talk about anything without feeling judged. Even when sessions went over the time limit, she would make sure I was alright before ending them. Although I had never tried hypnotherapy before, it surprised me with how effective it was, and I definitely feel as though I have had a release of tension which has affected me for a long time. 

Thank you so much Raina for everything! :D


Body Dysmorphic disorder 

I had a single lovely session with Raina for my Body Dysmorphic disorder (BDD)and various issues I have had since my childhood.

It was an amazing and helpful experience. I was wary about the session but was immediately made to feel at home and comfortable by Raina. She gave me the opportunity and platform to talk about my problems and insecurities, guiding me to channel my inner thoughts towards a more positive creative light. The session was very soothing, and reassuring and I came out of it feeling positive, awake and relieved. It was a very helpful session, very insightful and calming and has made me realise a lot about my thoughts and how best to process them. 

Thank you, Raina. I can’t explain it but I feel so much lighter, and the session was absolutely inspiring and I’m grateful for that. I was able to create a deeper connection with myself and my thoughts and channel any negatives to a positive. 


Sleeping Problems

I recently had coaching with Raina as I was having sleeping problems and other issues.  She was quickly able to identify lots of major life changes which had been affecting me but I had not realised.

Raina talked through these with me in a compassionate and sympathetic way. I am pleased to say my sleep problems have improved and the experience of coaching with Raina was very positive. I find Raina to be friendly, approachable and helpful.
If anyone has sleep problems or any other issues they need to talk through I would highly recommend Raina. 



Work-Life Balance

I was feeling stuck during a period of my life where I needed a big change. Raina worked with me and got me to look at things from different perspectives and write down everything in a structured way. She helped me see that I needed to take time for myself, and to realise that rest was as necessary for success as hard work. It was whilst on a break to Chicago that  I made my decision to return home to my family in Australia and relocate my job. As soon as I made my decision I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I had a huge sense of personal satisfaction.


Thanks again for your kindness and help Raina, it’s really meant a lot and, it seems it was just what I needed.


Negativity/Low Confidence

I had been weighed down and struggling to deal with a multitude of issues and didn't know where to turn to or seek help as I must admit there was a feeling of embarrassment. By luck, I stumbled across a post Raina had written about her life journey and struggles and how she overcame them. I instantly rejoiced as by instinct I knew she was the one who could help me overcome battles. Without second thoughts, I contacted her to commence me on this victorious journey. 

I had a lot of negative thoughts running in my head. Struggling in my position of being a mother and having given up my job and sell my successful business. I wanted to overcome the feeling of defeat, regain my confidence and self-esteem and put my work behind me to re-embrace being a mother. 

I had 6 sessions with Raina. She was very patient and didn't rush through the sessions and made sure that the objectives were met at the end of the session. She would address all my concerns I emailed her beforehand in the session and always left me with a bag of confidence and such a happy euphoric feeling at the end of the session that I was waiting for the next session to get more. I felt more confident in myself each time and my husband even complimented me that I am much happier. 

I felt much happier overall and this in turn gave me more confidence. I was able to interact with people much easier and develop a rapport with them. I don't get worked up or angry at trivial things anymore. I feel I am more easygoing and less anxious rather than being uptight all the time and enjoy being around my kids and people much more. 

Raina has been very patient and tries to address all your concerns. She did not hesitate to give me some self-homework to do at my request. I definitely would recommend Raina 100%. Invest in your mental wellbeing and personal development which Raina can help you!! 


Fear/ Anxiety of Skiing

I have recently had two sessions of NLP and Hypnotherapy with Raina. I wanted to see if they may help my fear of challenging skiing as we were just about to go on a family ski trip. I had been a good skier but had become apprehensive and fearful and this worsened over some years after a ski accident.


I found Raina to be professional and welcoming and always taking the time to make sure I was comfortable. The first session included going over how I felt about the problem and how it has impacted my life, and most importantly how I felt I could benefit from tackling this fear. Raina also gave me an idea of how the techniques she uses work and how they can help.

Both sessions involved coming into deep relaxation and learning some ways to deal with my feelings on a conscious level, and some work on a subconscious level which happened naturally as I was so calm and relaxed. I left the sessions feeling inspired and hopeful.

The ski holiday went brilliantly well, and for the first time in years, I was able to meet the challenges and enjoy the skiing. Skiing together with the group and being able to stop for lunches together whichever mountain we were on, was a dream come true. My husband was amazed and happy, and the kids said they were proud of me! I felt totally elated and very grateful to Raina – thank you, Raina!


Confidence Boost

Raina takes the time to understand the real source of an issue rather than jumping into quick solutions. She takes her time to breakdown what is going on, allowing her to use her tools of the trade to help overcome the issues. Highly recommended for anyone looking to remove the things that block them from achieving what they want to achieve.

Mr B

Childhood Trauma

I had sessions with Raina throughout 2021 and 2022. Throughout my experience with Raina, she has been extremely compassionate, understanding, support and non-judgemental! Raina was able to help me work through the side effects of trauma from my childhood, teenage years and even adulthood. Through her work, Raina has helped me overcome barriers and that I didn’t know I had until I faced my challenges. Today, I am more clear, focused and confident than I have ever been and I cannot thank Raina enough for all of her help and support! I would recommend anyone who is struggling to reach out to Raina! 

Raina, thank you so so so so SO much! 


Teen support

Nlp has helped me a lot. I use the techniques a lot when I need to calm down or if I’m not feeling at my best. I have been able to see a change in my behaviour when I am in arguments I remember that it helps me. I was also able to find the confidence to leave my old friend group and find a new better one. Although there were things that helped me before like drawing, I could still feel the anger inside of me because I wasn’t able to talk about it with anyone, so when I had the choice, it made me feel better as I don’t really like to express my emotions to my family. Talking to someone who understood, and listened was good for me as before I felt like I was alone.. Even after stopping Nlp(sessions), for a while, I still continued to use the techniques and they still continue to help me thank you

AF ( 14 years old girl)

To Calm and Relaxed

Raina is a brilliant NLP practitioner, calm and collected. She challenges you as NLP people should in a measured and not in a confrontational way. It is amazing how you end up feeling you have solved the issues, feeling better and more balanced. The meditation was quiet contemplation of the things we discussed and I was transported to a calm place of relaxation easily and very effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend Raina as a health and wellness advisor.

R Wood


Raina has been thoroughly professional and empathic in her approach. She has enabled me to quickly focus on the key issues that have been holding me back and has helped me see my career with fresh eyes. Her process has given me clarity on what I need to do to achieve my career and personal goals and the steps I need to take.


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