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My mission in Life is not merely to Survive but to Thrive, and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style 

                               Maya Angelou

The Stress, Anxiety, Confidence and Personal development Coach 
Best of Me NLP
Affiliate Life Coach Partner to
The Chorleywood Health Centre.
Raina Kalhan

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Is Stress taking over your life and preventing you from living your best life?
I can help you to free your stressed and anxious mind so it can regain it's balance once more.

Are you finding that stress or anxiety are affecting your relationships, career or other goals and getting in the way of your happiness?

Are you stuck, lacking direction confidence, and is this preventing you from fulfilling your potential and life purpose?

At BestOfMeNlp, I specialise in helping women and young people who are so overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or lack of confidence, that they feel stuck. They cannot see what they need to do to achieve their goals and create the life they dream of, and which direction their life needs to take. They’re tired of feeling stuck and unhappy, but they have no idea of what they need to do to move past this.

At BestofMeNLP I help you see things more clearly and show you how to move on by overcoming difficulties and experiences which have been holding you back your entire life, and are keeping you stuck in a cycle of perpetual stress and anxiety. I work with you using quantum linguistics to discover the root from which your difficulties have grown, and by removing this root cause, I help you move on to finally live the successful, happier and calmer life that you dream of.

We are not born with a manual to tell us how to live our lives perfectly or with ease. Most of us have stressful lives, and are ill equipped to cope with the situations that we may encounter, often through no choice of our own.


Before coming to me, for many of my clients’, stress and anxiety had become the norm and completely engulfed their lives. I used NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy, to help them remove the difficulties they were facing. You may already know, that all difficulties are rooted in damaging emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt or guilt, which in turn originate from a life experience, that has impacted on your life in some way.

I use NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy to displace these issues at both a conscious and sub conscious level, and also help you to recognise the triggers for yourself so they don’t continue to repeat. As mentioned often stress and anxiety have their roots in a past event, limiting belief or trauma, which when addressed and removed allow stress and anxiety to dissipate once and for all.

Can you see how many of these reflect you and hold you back in your life?

  • Can’t relax

  • Feel overwhelmed fearful and on edge

  • Preoccupied with repetitive negative thoughts

  • Difficulty in doing simple tasks and feelings of sadness

  • Doubting yourself or your decisions

  • Always criticising yourself or others

  • Hurt by passing comments

  • Feel guilty and worthless

  • Avoiding difficult situations

Are these effects taking over your life?

  • Snappy and irritable

  • Constantly angry, upset, confused, tearful

  • Withdrawing from activities

  • Smoking, drinking or eating too much

  • Waking up worrying at night

  • Poor concentration and memory

  • Putting things off

  • Heaviness in your chest or palpitations

How I work:

When we work together, you will find a confidential, non-judgemental space, which is safe and relaxed and offers my complete support as a recognised coach, with all the credentials and ethical support you need. My coaching is a proactive, solution-focused approach and you’ll find my style to be compassionate and up-lifting.


NLP has a two pronged approach:

  • It uses Quantum Linguistics to bring awareness of, and loosen deeply embedded beliefs and issues that you may have not been aware of within yourself.

  • It uses powerful NLP techniques to bring about a marked subconscious shift in the way problems are represented in your mind on a conscious and subconscious level.

Your subconscious mind has your complete wellbeing at its core, and is like your autopilot steering you out of danger. So it makes sense, that if It is protecting you from a hurtful, damaging or traumatic event that might have occurred, it may hold onto beliefs and behaviours until it knows it is safe to let go. It may not be aware of the need to let go, and that it would benefit you more to release the redundant embedded processes which no longer serve you.


This is where NLP, the renown Tad James's Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis come in to play. They bypass the objections of the subconscious mind and allow you to finally let go. Often although you are aware In the back of you mind, that you need to let go of things, consciously you cannot, and these processes help you to do that in a safe and secure manner.


This is where I believe wholeheartedly in the power of NLP, Timeline therapy, and Hypnosis to help you get past that personal threshold, so you can continue to grow from there, onwards into the person you have always aspired to be.

How Life Coaching guides you to your outcome:

Once you have let go of the unhelpful processes, you need the skills of Life Coaching to help you regain your balance, and to rediscover what is important to you in your life, and where you want your life to go. It ensures your actions are congruent with your beliefs, values and in alignment with those closest to you, so that you can finally live the life you desire.

By Booking a BestOfMeNLP programme with me, you are taking the proactive steps that are necessary to turn your life around. By doing nothing, everything stays the same. It needs a conscious targeted effort on your part to do something about your situation, to free yourself from the constant pressure you are undergoing. Why would you choose to stay stuck and stagnant when there is a way forward to resolve your difficulties? The change towards a better life is a choice you make consciously, with self love, self worth, compassion, commitment and a belief that you deserve better.


You can have the life you dream of and be content, but it requires you to take that first step forward. I will wait here patiently, because I know ringing me is in your interest, doing nothing is not. I really want you to make the changes you so badly need, and I know I can help you to do this, which is why I do my job.

In Summary:

  • You’ll discover the real root cause of your stress and anxiety

  • Together we will remove the root cause of your difficulties

  • Once resolved, the stress and anxiety will disappear from your life

  • You will feel in complete control of your life and your well-being again

  • You will be able to move forwards in the direction you choose

  • You will life congruently and in alignment with your beliefs and values

  • Clarity, peace and calm will resume






























Where are you right now in the context of your life?

Best Of Me

Helping You discover true peace of mind.

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"I was feeling stuck during a period of my life where I needed a big change. Raina worked with me and got me to look at things from different perspectives, and work through them in a structured way. She helped me see that I needed to take time for myself, and to realise that rest was as necessary for success as hard work. It was whilst on a break to Chicago that  I made my decision to return home to my family in Australia, and relocate my job. As soon as I made my decision, I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I had a huge sense of personal satisfaction.
Thanks again for your kindness and help Raina, it’s really meant a lot and, it seems it was just what I needed."
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