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NLP Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy
A Helping Hand 

Do you Need to resolve phobias, fear, anxiety stress, confidence, self-esteem issues or  break through blockages and difficulties in work or you personal life. We are here to be professional but understanding, clear and precise, objective but fair. We can help you deal with these areas of your life and move forward, using the Trio of services we offer, NLP, Coaching and hypnotherapy .

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A mystery to some, a constant support to others. Hypnotherapy utilises the power of positive suggestion in implementing change within our subconscious, bringing about a positive realignment of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP, helps to remove deep rooted blockages and limiting beliefs and helps you connect with your inner resources, to resolve and move on from whats been holding you back. NLP provides you with a toolkit to help you move forward in your life.  

Life Coaching

 Tip the scales one way too far,  and it can feel like life is out of control. We aspire for balance ...yet some times ...its just ever so slightly beyond our reach.  BOMnlp can help you achieve balance and bring it back into the realms of control. Helping you move towards your goals and aspirations, clarifying ambitions, beliefs and values.

Understanding that life means happiness, structure, good health, love, spirituality and all that makes you whole.

About me

A mum of two, a wife, daughter, sister, friend , therapist, businesswoman. So many hats just one peg. My passion for helping people, a keen listening ear, an empathetic stance and a curiosity for the workings of the mind and subsequent responses, left me well placed to pursue a career in NLP coaching  and hypnotherapy. Shared with a healthy dose of “wanting to make a difference”, a clear career path emerged allowing me to be the "Best of me!"

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My Approach

What drives me at BOMnlp, is to help each one of you navigate from your current, uncertain self to a confident future self. To help you develop on your journey with, kindness, respect, discipline, drive and a multitude of acquired tools and to set you down safetly in your new self assured  persona.


I am truly looking forward to meeting you, on this journey of growth.

Getting Help




Self Esteem




Anger Management




"I was feeling stuck during a period of my life where I needed a big change. Raina worked with me and got me to look at things from different perspectives, and work through them in a structured way. She helped me see that I needed to take time for myself, and to realise that rest was as necessary for success as hard work. It was whilst on a break to Chicago that  I made my decision to return home to my family in Australia, and relocate my job. As soon as I made my decision, I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I had a huge sense of personal satisfaction.
Thanks again for your kindness and help Raina, it’s really meant a lot and, it seems it was just what I needed."