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Empty your Suitcase of Life, and fill with new bold and beautiful experiences.

I work on the premise, that we go through life picking up messages, beliefs, signals, thoughts and experiences and putting them in our "Suitcase of Life". Sometimes these messages become ingrained and distorted and have negative connotations, and they end up manifesting themselves within us as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias... all sorts of things which prevent us moving on with life. Sometimes you cannot get past negative experiences and just cannot see a way forward. There is a way. Using a set of tools set in NLP ( the language of the mind), Life coaching and hypnotherapy, I work with you to help remove some of these obstacles and self limiting beliefs that have hindered your life and your progress, and still continue to do so.The NLP techniques and the hypnotherapy work from the inside out, connecting with your sub conscious and your mind, clearing and releasing deeply rooted negative emotions, beliefs and traumas, and the life coaching helps you to move forward putting steps in place to create the life you desire. I have used these techniques personally, and truly know and believe in the power behind them, to resolve issues in a very small space of time. Together they create an incredible process, and allow you to move forward for you to be The BEST of You!

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