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Mind Beauty Clinic - 3 Sessions £375

Relief from Eating disorders and Body dysmorphia

  • 1 h
  • Rickmansworth WD3

Service Description

THIS IS SUITABLE FOR CLIENTS RECOVERING FROM EATING DISORDERS, BODY DYSMORPHIA, BODY SHAME AND NAVIGATING RELATIONSHIP BREAKDOWNS DUE TO LOW BODY CONFIDENCE. COUPON: 10% off if you are a Time Aesthetics Clinic, Essex patient: Email - to get the Coupon Code. The Mind Beauty Clinic has its roots in a profound commitment to liberate individuals from the grip of self-doubt and the constant battles with body image. Our approach brings together a powerful blend of expertise in NLP, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy, and Life Coaching to equip you with the tools you need to transcend your limitations and embrace a transformative new way of living. Our mission is to empower you to: Reclaim your self-confidence Foster a positive body image Break free from the shackles of self-doubt Discover the potential within yourself Cultivate a new, empowering mindset Package Inclusions: 1 x 90-Minute Session: In this extended session, we will identify and establish the primary problem you'd like to address. This session will allow us to delve deeply into the issue and begin to understand the underlying thought cycles that contribute to it. 2 x 60-Minute Sessions: These two sessions will focus on implementing methodologies and strategies to tackle the identified problem and thought cycles. We will work together to address and release issues related to your chosen area, whether it's related to physical appearance or emotional self-beliefs. Feedback: Throughout our sessions, you will receive valuable feedback and guidance to facilitate your personal growth and transformation. Self-Work: To support your learning and progress, you will be assigned specific tasks and exercises to work on between sessions. These tasks will empower you to actively engage in your own development. WhatsApp Support: You will have access to ongoing support via WhatsApp while we work together. This ensures that you can reach out with questions, concerns, or updates between sessions, fostering a sense of continuity and progress. Our goal is to help you address your concerns, understand your thought patterns, and take accountability for your well-being. Whether you're seeking physical enhancements or looking to boost your confidence in various aspects of life, our 3-session package is designed to support your journey towards personal growth and beauty from within. Warm regards, Raina Kalhan Mind Beauty Clinic

Contact Details

  • Rickmansworth, UK

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