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So who am I and why should you come to me? I would say come to me because I too have had to overcome my own struggles to be here doing this job today, so I understand that it is ok to be experiencing difficulties.


From the  age of 19 I struggled with stress, self esteem and confidence, which ultimately led to depression. On the surface I was gregarious, confident, a fun person to be around.... underneath I suffered from self doubt, not feeling good enough, feeling I was inadequate, and as a result, always putting pressure on myself and putting my own needs last.


I continued to go off track for most of my life. As a mum, a wife, a daughter, my life followed a path where I got enveloped by family responsibilities and my identity got lost somewhere within. Yes I had a family life which fulfilled me, but it did not fill that desire to do more… more of what? That I didn’t know.

I stumbled through careers aside motherhood, only to find that although I had many fundamental qualities for these jobs, something was always missing. That human element. That need to connect with people on a deeper, more emotional but practical level.


I always wanted to help, to listen to and support people … it came absolutely naturally to me The natural progression was towards a career as an NLP Life coach and hypnotherapist.

I truly feel right here and now, I have overcome my challenges with my anxiety, stress and confidence and would like to help other people do the same. I have found my calling, and I really believe in what I do. My job enables me to help others to get clarity in their lives, overcome difficulties, release blocks and find happiness whether it be through a new relationship, new career or whatever they want, and perhaps a dash of longterm visions and goals thrown in to help them along their way.

Why struggle when there IS a way to find happiness?

Raina Kalhan

My mission in Life is not merely to Survive but to Thrive, and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style 

                               Maya Angelou

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