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Confidence Booster for Women

Helping you discover the Power & Confidence that lies within
Are you finding that a lack of confidence effects everything you do? It spills over into your worklife, your friendship groups, your home life and stops you from being the person you want to be?

I specialise in helping women who are crippled by their lack of confidence. I help them to realise that they can take actions to overcome negative patterns that play out again and again, and that are keeping them stuck. A lack of confidence can run hand in hand with stress, anxiety and a lack of self esteem. It can leave you unable to move on, stopping you from living the life you want. It can stop you from reaching your goals and ambitions and from being the person you want to be, and put your life on hold. Not only that, it stops you being happy, carefree, and having fun.

Do you feel:


  • Overwhelmed

  • Like you are not good enough

  • Have constant negative thoughts

  • Have self doubt, and difficulty with decisions

  • Feel disrespected or not valued

  • Worry about what people think of you

  • Feel like an imposter, fraud or failure

  • Fear social situations

  • Feel like you don't fit in

  • Are unable to laugh and experience joy


If so, your actions may cause you to:

  • Avoid situations or withdraw

  • Overindulge with food and/or drink

  • Push yourself too hard

  • Be snappy and irritated, or have a low mood

  • Be defensive, and unable to take criticism

  • Feel insecure with your relationships

  • Fear losing your job

  • Be unable to relax, and have disturbed sleep

  • Have palpitations or a tight chest


Work with me:


It is important to me  that within our sessions, you will find a completely non judgmental and supportive environment, where I will explore the reasons behind your lack of confidence in a proactive, solution-focused approach but also in a compassionate and up-lifting way. I will make sure I find the root cause of your lack of confidence, remove it and replace it with what matters to you, and what is necessary for your happiness, peace of mind, and your future.


I will help you with:


  • What you need to hang on to

  • What you need to let go off

  • Who you are

  • What matters to you

  • Where you are headed

  • What you want to achieve

  • To be stress free and confident

  • To live a fulfilled life full of purpose

At the end of this process you will be confident in what matters to you, for your happiness and for your future.

Buy a coaching package below or get in touch for a free initial consultation.



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