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Life Skills for Young People

Helping you overcome challenges for a successful future



As a young person you may find that life is fast paced and constantly changing around you, throwing up new challenges daily. It's not always easy to tell someone that you are having difficulty in one or more areas of your life, but it is always worth it! 

  • Are you are feeling anxious or stressed about future decisions around your family, school or work situations?

  • Anxious around your constantly changing body, thoughts and emotions?

  • Are you unsure of how to deal with new responsibilities and choices? 

  • Do you feel unable to talk to anyone about your challenges? 


It is hard to manage pressure on your own, especially if things are difficult to understand and you have no-one to explain them to you. Pressure can show up as anxiety, stress, anger or in other ways.

Can you see yourself in the following? 


  • Parents divorcing or don't understand you

  • Family issues you can't discuss

  • Home pressures or health affecting schoolwork 

  • Juggling responsibilities in a single parent family or as a carer ​
  • Constant study and exam pressure from family and school 

  • Shyness preventing you making friends

  • Lonely or difficulty fitting in

  • Feeling anxious or sad

  • Experiencing panic attacks 

  • Difficult decisions and future choices around college, university or career

  • Worries around living away or making new friends?

  • Worry about appearance or relationships?



How I help you:

I  really listen to what YOU have to say, not the people in your life.

When I find out what is getting in the way of you feeling happy, I work with you to remove it, and  help you get what you want, one step at a time. I use techniques and tasks that help you discover your own strength and capabilities, so you realise how wonderful life can be, Instead of being afraid, I can help you to feel confident about your future.

It is important for you to realise that all our talks are completely confidential, and remain between you and me. 

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