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My Approach

The approach I take at BoMnlp is also known as "Rapidly Transformational"and is a person centred, outcome based approach.... which means its all about YOU and what YOU wish to achieve! Its about how to bring a rapid, positive change in your life, allowing you to move forward and achieve the outcome you desire, by overcoming any self limiting beliefs.


 BoMnlp uses NLP, Life Coaching, and Clinical Hypnotherapy to work towards your desired outcomes. This trio of techniques can be used individually or combined to bring about change, by breaking through any issues that are holding you back, and by supplying you with succinct tools to locate your inner hidden resources, moulding them so they guide you towards your outcomes and ultimate life destination. You have a choice in which direction you want your life to go. So choose to make it happen, and call me today to start your journey to the future happy you.


Begin you journey with BOMnlp. Discover what strengths lie within, and unfold your future.