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Neuro Linguistic Programming

BoMnlp - NLP provides you with a personalised, fully supported session or programme, to achieve results you had thought to be impossible, purely by reconnecting with yourself.


NLP is considered a "Practical Psychology"(Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association-NLPTCA ). It  provides a set of tools by which to explore, amend, direct and fine tune your life. It works under the premise that we are bombarded with so much information channelled through our senses, that we have to filter this information, dissipate  it, generalise it, and often distort reality to fit in with our belief systems. Nlp coaching helps the individual understand and find sense in their reality, belief and values systems, helping them to adapt any sabotaging elements that are limiting to them and navigate themselves forwards, towards a clear, structured, positive and progressive future.

There may be self limiting beliefs which have haunted you for a long time, and you are finally ready to do something about them. There may be blockages stopping  you reaching your desired outcome, or there may be that something which you can't pinpoint, but know it prevents you from being the best that you can. It may be lack of confidence, stress.... whatever the reason, Nlp has the solution to allow you to get past this....whatever your "THIS" is.