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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Think of Hypnotherapy and it conjures up a stage show, with bumbling characters at the butt of jokes and humour. In BOMnlp's reality we practise Clinical Hypnotherapy, with purely your interest at the centre of our carefully planned and thought out sessions. Our aim to help you reach your optium peak by realising your own strengths and internal resources.

Hypnotherapy is a positive reality, where you are totally in control of your actions, and in a light sleep-like trance induced in order to connect with your sub conscious, bypassing any restricting or limiting thoughts, so that you may too find your hidden inner resources and strengths.


Your sub-conscious cannot be led (even in this hypnotic state) where it does not wish to go, and it always has your benefit at its core.

As such hypnotherapy provides a safe and helpful tool, by which to achieve the best of you, under the guiding hand and voice of the hypnotherapist.

BOMnlp uses proven techniques to help you achieve your chosen outcomes. The hypnotherapist and you have a mutual respect and unspoken contract where they adhere to a strict, professional code to bring out the best of you, and you give them and yourself the respect you need to make this process successful.

With a respect for the process, unbelievable results are possible to help you regain your dreams.