My mission in Life is not merely to Survive but to Thrive, and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style 

                               Maya Angelou

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To Book with
Best of Me Nlp...

Ring on 07824 772607 to speak directly with me .... Raina, and discuss or book any of the following packages on offer.

As a guide I offer the following packages :

Package 1

3 sessions to remove one main stressor :

Session 1- Evaluation-pre talk-1.5hour

Session 2 -Establish the root cause 1 NLP technique  1.5 hours

Session 3- Either Life coaching and/or  Hypnosis 1.5 hours


Package 2

6 session to cover 2 primary stressors 

Session 1-Evaluation-pre talk- 1.5hour

Session 2 -Establish the root cause  1 NLP technique  1.5 hours

Session 3- Either Life coaching and/or  Hypnosis 1.5 hours

Above for stressor 1 and 2

Package 3:

12  Session : Tailor made plan, with an evaluation and  overview of the issues and stressors involved at the beginning

Ongoing support by email if required

Monthly sessions

Follow up work

If necessary can bring sessions forward and extend In multiples of 3

Package 3 includes:


  • An Initial introductory 20 min phone consultation to discuss requirements and process

  • Email from client to me, to establish primary issues

  • Packages as above of 1.5hrs sessions. These sessions are personalised, one to one Sessions tailored specifically to your needs

  • A Support package including telephone and e-mail correspondence with the coach

  • Follow up Post package Support call -15minutes

Confidence Booster Package coming soon

Young Peoples Support Package coming soon.

Workshops on intermittent basis.

To book Please ring 07824 772 607.

Raina Kalhan