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Discover your Best self....

Discover your Best self....

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Make the changes now...

Make the changes now...

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To be happy now...

To be happy now...

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Live life to the fullest..

Live life to the fullest..

Call me today to find out how...07824 772 607 Raina

Do things how you want

Do things how you want

Call me today to find out how...07824 772 607 Raina

Discover the Best You!

Discover the Best You!

Call me today to find out how...07824 772 607 Raina

Ring on 07824 772607 to speak directly with me, Raina, and discuss or book any of the following packages on offer. These packages are based on roughly the number of sessions that are required around your specific needs, as one size never fits all. This is why its great to chat to find out how I work, and how the package will work for your specific requirements.

As a guide I offer the following packages:

The First Touch Programme 


The First Touch package, allows you to connect with your internal sources of strength, to recognise and remove the smaller issues that are creating stress and affecting your wellbeing.


It is also suitable for working on a single source of stress or anxiety. 

This package includes 1 x 1.5hr session and 3 x 1 hour sessions. 



The Galvanizer Package

​The Galvanizer package brings you to an awareness of what issues are holding you back, and allows you to connect with, work with, and release more deeply rooted issues.


The sessions are spread over 3 months and include 1 x 1.5hr session and 5 x 1 hour sessions. 



The Eradicator Package

The Eradicator package establishes:


  • What is holding you back in your life

  • Removes the root cause of the limiting beliefs you have within you, and the stress and             anxiety that they bring 

  • Guides you to connect with yourself on a journey of self-exploration and discovery, so         you understand and love who you are fully.

  • Releases what serves no purpose, and replaces it with what you want and what matters,         so that you are present in your life going forward and living it to the fullest.

The sessions are spread over 6 months and include 2 x 1.5hr session and 10 x 1 hour sessions. 


The Confidence Booster Package:

This package has been created to establish what elements of your life are affected by             your lack of confidence. Is there a root cause or limiting belief attached to these? We'll work on: 


  • Removing your limiting beliefs

  • Releasing unhelpful behaviours and habits we follow

  • Evaluating what really matters to you and creating a support framework around this with         clear set goals.   

The Confidence Booster package includes 1 x 1.5hr session and 5 x 1hour sessions.

Introducing The Breakthrough day:


The Breakthrough Day is ideal for high impact and quick results for individuals with little time and for busy professionals.


The breakthrough day does what it says on the label. It is bespoke and works specifically with your needs but in one day, so any difficulties can be resolved quickly and allow you to move forward with your life.


There is a prerequisite of a personal history to be sent to me a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the Breakthrough day, for which details will be provided. Without this, the day cannot commence.


I will work with your personal history to locate difficulties and any underlying issues, establish and clarify your values and beliefs, using coaching, NLP techniques to include Time-Line Therapy, and hypnosis as best suited to your specific needs.


There is no set time for the breakthrough day, as it needs to work with your needs, but is generally between 6-8hours.


The breakthrough day is best followed by coaching to help set the future outcomes required, so that you can build on the results of the day. This can be discussed on the day and may vary from 1-4 sessions depending on what arises on the day and what results you wish to achieve.


The Breakthrough Package will most likely release a lot of emotion, and you may wish to keep your schedules light the next day. The aim of the day is to deal with as many of the following as possible in the day. 


·      Discussion and expansion of your personal history

·      Linguistic questions to elicit thought processes around the problem that needs to be        resolved

·      Establishing underlying damaging emotions, limiting beliefs and the root cause

·      Life values, focusing on primary area of need

·      Resolving internal conflict

·      Timeline therapy (releasing and moving on from limiting beliefs and damaging emotions)

·      Hypnosis

·      Coaching


Whole day package to include a light lunch and refreshments if in person.   


Bolt On packages:

These are add on packages in bundles of four or six if requirements exceed the stipulated amount.


​All packages include:


  • An initial introductory 25 minute phone consultation to discuss your requirements

  • Email from you to me to establish primary issue. 

  • All packages are bespoke and tailored specifically for your needs. 


The Galvanizer and Eradicator, Confidence packages also include:


  • A support system via e-mail correspondence with me, for urgent matters or clarification.

  • A 15 minute follow-up call after the package is complete

  • The Confidence package focuses specifically on confidence.


The Galvanizer and Eradicator packages are similar, in that they cover several areas of difficulty, but the Eradicator allows more time to discover your identity your strengths, beliefs and values, and where you are heading, and what you want your life to be.


The main difference with the Eradicator package and Breakthrough session is the pace at which they work. The Eradicator allows for a slower pace allowing deeper discussions and processes to unfold naturally with profound results and the Breakthrough day achieves quick dramatic results releasing blockages quickly.That being said all these techniques achieve rapid results compared to traditional therapies. They both include Time-Line Therapy, which is the renown "Tad James" method used to release sub conscious blockages and destructive emotions. 

Raina Kalhan
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