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Welcome to the world of NLP, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching offer a viable alternative to mainstream therapies by providing an alternative to traditional talking therapies. Whilst they may not be substantiated with the clout of larger organisations behind them, they continue to play a vital role in providing the support and tools individuals require in modern day society. The nuclear family appears not to be so prominent with the modern day culture of relocacting for work. Traditional support systems have lost the strong hold they once had. Individuals suffering from Stress, anxiety amongst others, look for alternative means of support and channeling their frustrations with ever increasings NHS waiting times.

NLP, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy offer viable alternatives and rapid solutions, and In doing so they alleviate pressure on the already heaving NHS. These techniques have gained momentum and got ever more powerful and are slowly becoming intrenched in the fabric of society.

Chronologically Hypnosis reaches back many millennia as a form of therapy where it was used, amongst the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese, Persians and Sumerians.(Clevedon hypnotherapy Centre)

NLP emerged more recently in the 1970’s as an alternative to the largely utilised psychoanalysis phenomena.

Life coaching came into fruition in the 1980s from a need to develop target focused goals enabling individuals to reach their full potential in sport, and transitioning into offering the same in working and daily life.

All three derived from a place of need. Hard to remember a time where they were not part of modern society.


That which consumes us.

That which consumes us:

Slowly at first, 

Then more rapid,

Piercing and knawing, leaving me raw,

The pain unexplained, resting then starting,

It cannot be contained.

Unseen scars painfully felt,

Cannot explain by whom they were dealt,

Who is it you ask, that inflicts such pain?

No mortal soul, 

Yet it consumes and burns like a flame,

Burning deep into my heart and soul,

Causing such harm and leaving an unfilled hole,

Words alone are the perpetrator,

Can you believe they can be such a hater, 

Can there be such potency in words that you speak,

That they may linger behind

… leaving a life so so bleak. 

                                                 by Raina Kalhan


Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 14.40.38.png

Often words are not pondered over but just spoken, without realising the effect they can have. Sometimes in a good way but often in an impactful and negative way. They have the power to leave a child empowered or withdrawn. They can make or break an adult. Yet we do not stop to heed their strength. 

This article is there to ask that you take a moment and use words to empower someone today. Perhaps as a a thank you, or a comment to let someone know they did something really well. Whether it be serving a cup of coffee or presenting to an audience. Whether it be a child who makes you smile… Whatever , whomever … say something to empower someone today.

Remember the power you hold at the tip of your tongue, can make someone’s day., Or who knows guide them towards a life long path they need to take.  Your words can earn you respect or disrespect… which would you rather? 

Your words can make a difference… use them wisely and positively and miracles can happen.

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