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A Helping Hand

When there seems no way out...

You cannot see the way ahead.... 

It's so hard to get motivated...

Trapped in the confines of your home....

I wish I had the confidence....

If I only knew how ......

At BoMnlp we offer you a helping hand to resolve long standing issues. To help you resolve phobias, fear, anxiety, stress, confidence, self-esteem issues or  break through blockages and difficulties in work or you personal life.


We are here in a professional capacity offering precise, clear, objective and fair methodology and techniques to allow you to free yourself from these binds and finally move forward in a positive, constructive and  relaxed way. The beauty of our techniques is that they are "rapidly transformative" allowing you quicker resolutions to help you move on, and to no longer have your life on hold.

We want you to be able to say I have “The Best of Me “ right here, right now and my future is exactly what I want it to be!

  • Confidence

  • Self esteem

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Relationships

  • Parenting

  • Family

  • Parenting

  • Health

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Goal setting

  • Career (direction Motivation)

  • Purpose

  • Work/life balance

  • Personal development

  • Impinging habits

  • Addictions (Not drugs)